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Top 3 Work at Home Jobs Reviewed

Best Work at Home Companies For 2021 Reviewed

Updated: March 10, 2021
Special Report: If you're looking for ways to work at home, make extra money or fire your boss then you're not alone. Everyone is searching for ways to make extra money and many people are turning to work at home programs to stay at home full-time. With so many scams online we asked our users which programs worked best for them and which ones to avoid. 

Over 43,287 of our website users cast their vote and now you have access to the Top 3 Work at Home programs of 2021. We started with over 100 different work at home companies and our users narrowed it down to these 3 programs. 

Our list was recently featured on dozens of news and media outlets so spots are now very limited so if you're serious about working from home you need to act fast before it's too late. 

1. Home Online Profits - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Pros: Proven to work well, a user favorite and very easy to get started. Steady, predictable income. Start making money in 15 minutes.

The Cons: Rarely has openings. Have to check back often for availability. Limited to only certain states. 
Bottom Line: There's a reason so many people are talking about this online, on the news, and on the radio. It's because it works and it works fast. Our users cast over 43,000 votes and Home Online Profits led the next best program by over 5,900 votes. 

If you want to make $5,000 - $8,000 per month working from home then Home Online Profits is what our users say works best. Many users report making as much as $800 in their first week. 
Our Experience: Before HOP became so popular we were able to review the program. After joining you get access to 15 modules of basic training which take only an hour or so to complete. Once training is done you can begin cherry picking jobs you want to work on. 

The good thing about HOP is they don't allow too many people to join because they want to be sure their members have steady work. For someone new who want's to join it will be tricky to land a position unless you visit the site often to check availability. If you see available openings you better grab it fast because they go quick. 

To get started with Home Online Profits, follow these steps:
Step 1:  Visit the Home Online Profits Website and watch the introduction video - Visit Website

Step 2: Setup your account with Home Online Profits to access the online training

Step 3: You can get paid via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit. They will give you those options when setting up your account. 

2. Process at Home - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Pros: No experience required, simple online training takes under and hour and you're guaranteed a position immediately. Pays up to $34.50 to start and you can choose your own schedule. 

The Cons: Very limited openings and you will internet access and a computer or tablet. 
Bottom Line: Process at Home has been a long time favorite and still remains in high demand. At one time it was the top work at home program on this page. If you visit their website and they show available positions then you better act fast to secure one. Process at Home works and is a great program to earn money with quickly. 
Our Experience: We wanted to provide a detailed review of our experience so we had one of our staff members try Process at Home. First, the sign up process was very straightforward, we watched the video explaining the job and then a button appeared to start the program. 

Once we got inside their online training portal we started the training which was very easy to follow. It was a very simple step-by-step process and only took us about an hour to complete. 
After the training we started following the instructions to start the work. Angela, our staff member made $142.10 her first day in only a couple of hours. 

All in all this is a program anyone can follow. If you can open, read and send an email then you're fully qualified to start on this today and do very well with it. 

To get started with Process at Home, follow these steps:
Step 1:  Visit the Process at Home Website and watch the introduction video - Visit Website

Step 2: Setup your account with Process at Home to access the online training

Step 3: You should get your first check within 3-5 days. After your first paper check you can signup for direct deposit and you'll be paid every Friday. 

3. Work at Home Shortcut - ⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Pros: Very easy for beginners, no special skills or expensive tools to get started. Perfect if you need a flexible schedule. Make money on day one.

The Cons: Positions are limited, only works if you live in the United States. Only available online.
Bottom Line: This is a great program for beginners who need to make $100-$300 per day in their spare time. You can choose your own schedule even nights and weekends if you want. It takes about an hour to get setup then your making money.
Our Experience: The signup process was nice and easy. Once we watched the introduction video we were able setup our account within a few minutes. Now logged in, the training steps were laid out in an easy to follow format and after about 30 minutes of training we were ready for work.

After training we got access to the assignment center where our jobs would come in. We could pick and choose what to work on and the tasks were very straightforward and simple. We made our first $100 after about 2 hours of work so overall not a bad at all. We would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to earn some extra money.

To get started with Work at Home Shortcut, follow these steps:
Step 1:  Visit the Work at Home Shortcut Website and watch the introduction video - Visit Website

Step 2: Setup your account with Work at Home Shortcut to access the online training

Step 3: You can get paid via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit. They will give you those options when setting up your account. 

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